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Poster Presentations

Synthesis and Characterization of Antigen-Loaded Chitosan Microparticles and it's Potential Application for Oral Vaccination against Aeromonas hydrophila in NIle Tilapia Oreocrhomosi s niloticus L.

Expression of Osbzip75/RF2a Gene in Mas-Bred Rice Lines with Single and Dual Infection of Bacterial Leaf Blight anf Tungro

The Current State of Naic Fish Sanctuary : Naic's Coastal Resource Management Project

Morpho-Agronomic and Molecular Characterization of Traditional Rice Varieties in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Development of Laboratory-Base Rapid Detection Kit for Bacterial Pathogens infecting Nile Tilapia (Oreocrhomis niloticus L.)Using Colloidal Gold Nanoparticle-base DNA Probe

Potentials of Hydrogel and Mulching as Soil Moisture Retention Strategyfor Transplanted Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) Seedlings

Influence of Rainfall, Relative Humidity, and Temperature Affecting Disease Damage of Onion Anthracnose-Twister

Development of Laboratory- based Rapid detection kit for Enterococcus faecalis Infection Nile Tilapia(Oreochromis Niloticus L.)n Using Colloidal Gold Nanoparticle-based DNA Probe

Extraction and Characterization of Fish Oil From Tilapia by-products for Nutraceutical Applications

Biodegradation Dynamics of Glyphosate-degrading Bacteria Isolated from Major Corn Producing Areas of Isabela

Agronomic Characterization of M2 Generation Traditional Variety of Rice(Oryza Sativa L.)"Unoy"

Comparative Analysis of Bubaline Epididymal Spermatozoa with Contrasting Freezabilities

Agar from Red Seaweed (Gracilaria Edulis) Cultured in La Union as Biomaterial for Synthesis of Biopolymer Films



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