department of development communication

The Department of Development Communication is an academic unit under the College of Arts and Social Sciences. The Department of Development Communication, was created in 2013 under Board Resolution No. 06-2013. The Department of Development communication is composed of faculty members who specialize in the development communication, rural development and other allied fields. It is engaged in discipline-relevant research, extension, and production endeavors. The Department also oversees the University’s radio station, Radyo CLSU

department of english and humanities

The Department of English and Humanities strengthens the general education of students through the development of a deepened understanding of the English language and increases appreciation of the richness of literature and the wealth of the humanities thereby fostering knowledge and appreciation of language, literature and artistic expressions. It envisions itself in becoming an international center for English language education and humanities, grounded on research, by providing students in all core areas with a coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured courses for a comprehensive study of language, literature and humanities.

department of filipino

The Filipino Department used to be a part of the largest department then of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, the Department of Languages and Humanities. It started as a separate department between the years 1985-1987. This is the result of the earnest desire of its pioneering faculty to highlight the national language and enhance the cultural awareness of the students. The department goals were fulfilled when CHED Memo No.59 Series of 1996 include four Filipino subjects as part of the GE curriculum. Aside from teaching GE subjects, its faculty members also teaches major subjects for Bachelor of Science in Education major in Filipino. The department has also been active in spearheading various activities promoting the Filipino language as well as culture and literature.


The Psychology Department is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing students to become great contributors to societal development. In line with this educational principle, the department has changed the offering course from Bachelor of Arts in Psychology to Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The Department of Psychology faculty is engaged in teaching and research to further understand and harness the application of psychological concepts in real life.


The Department of Social Sciences is an academic unit under the College of Arts and Social Sciences. The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences was approved and offered in 1993. It was revised in 2017 to meet the changes brought by the K to 12 curriculum and with the recommendations of the Commission in Higher Education. The revised program of Bachelor of Arts and Social Scieces, which is compliant to the minimum requirements prescribed bt CHED Memorandum Order No. 37 s. 2017 (Policies, Standards and Guidelines for the Bachelor for Arts in History (BA History) Program) adn CHED Memorandum Order No. 51 s. 2017 (Policies and Standards for the Bachelor of Arts in Polical Science (BA PoS) Program). It was approved by BOR Resolution No. 42-2018 in September 13,2018. The Department also offers General Education (GE) courses taken by all undergraduate students from all colleges in the University. The Department also handles the Social Studies subjects of the Bachelor of Secondary Education mojor in Social Studies of the College of Education. Besides instruction, the Department is also responsible for research , training, and extension programs